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Radomir Pavitchevitch
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Radomir Pavitchevitch is a French legionnaire, veteran of World War II. He enlisted for five years the December 9, 1931, and was assigned to the 2nd Foreign Legion Regiment at Oujda, Algeria. Eventhough released from the service, he rejoined the Legion at Beyrouth, in the 6th Foreign Legion Regiment during its creation, on October 1, 1939. In March 1941 he earned the sous-officier rank in the Levant Foreign Legion Regiment. He then enlisted again to fight for the Free French Forces, and was attached to the 13th Foreign Legion Demi-Brigade (DBLE). He fought in the Phalange Magnifique (the wonderful phalanx, nickname of the DBLE) during the North African campaign, and earned the grade of sergent-chef. He served as a section commander under capitaine Pierre Messmer, who was at the time, a company commander in the 13. At the end of the siege of Bir Hakeim, all the French units received the order to force the blocus, at night, to break through German lines. Pavitchevitch and his 5 légionnaires, who stayed in the fort to cover their companions, were missing. Five days later, they reappeared, leading a column of twenty Afrika Korps prisoners.

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